Love Notes

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!  Gav and I were back from out little trip in time to celebrate here in Yangon.  We did the traditional home-made card exchange and I was quite proud of my creation.  It referenced how sweaty I am and I thought I was very clever, but Gav didn’t get it.  Oh well.  I used glitter and that’s what counts.

I think the holiday (and perhaps Lunar New Year) prompted some of the lower elementary teachers to encourage their kids to write little notes to different teachers.  I got a bunch from the Pre-K kids (who are 4) and I have to share because they are hilarious.

The first one I got hand-delivered by the little girl in question.  Her teacher at the beginning of the year INSISTED that I wanted to be called Ms. Lindsey and has spent the year correcting any kid who calls me Ms. Schubert.  I find this odd, but just am letting it go and will try to address it next year I guess.  Anyway, she got it mostly right. d8b32829-9b79-4068-9f79-8e0faaf8ce1d.jpgMs. Lindoy is a way better name and I might just go with that next year for everyone.

The next batch I got handed to me at the end of the day by the other Pre-K teacher.  We were having a Lunar New Year Assembly and her kids had already gone home.  I was so surprised and touched that of course I started sweating.  I’m so classy.  Anyway, this batch was hilarious.  I have photographed some of the best ones for your enjoyment.

IMG_6035Aww, Scott.  Bless.  I love you too when you are not sneezing on me.

IMG_6033In this one I appear to be having some skin issues, but my hair looks good.  The teacher told me what it says, but I forgot.  Those Pre-K teachers can read anything.

IMG_6036This one from Sofia actually reads left to right then right to left then back to left to right.  Actually quite clever and efficient.  Why is that not really a thing?

IMG_6034Literally no idea.  Maybe I am taking a nap? With my  long appendages? I did ask but the teacher just shrugged and said “who knows”.

IMG_6037Another bewildering one.  My brain is green and steaming.  It’s possible that my heart has been ripped out Indiana Jones style.  I might be about to step on an open tin can or a birthday cake with a candle?  And a house is flying into my head like I am the Wicked Witch of the West. I’m not sure this one is a Thank You card.

IMG_6038This one makes me feel better.  (Teacher’s child) Thanks Franco!

The heart shaped ones above I got from 2 Kindergarten boys yesterday on Valentine’s Day.  They used glitter which I am very impressed with.  Also the layering of the hearts.  They have some skills!

Tomorrow is the school’s annual International Day.  I’m going to let Gav report back on that one as he has been mostly in charge of running the show.  It’s hard to put something like that together when you have no institutional knowledge of a place or an event.  And when you have to wrangle parents and kids and teachers.  He will be happy when it is over.  All teachers are required to go help out.  I signed up to do the thing that seemed like it will be over the quickest-chaperoning kids in the parade of nations.  Of course by the time I got on the google doc (30 minutes after it went live) everyone in the know had done the exact same thing, so the single slot left was to help chaperone the Myanmar kids.  That is (obviously) the biggest group, but it is also leading the parade so I am done the fastest.  And it’s mostly waiting in the air conditioned gym for your turn, so I can handle it.  However, we got an email encouraging everyone to “wear their traditional national dress.”  This seems like it suits some countries a lot more than others.  What is the UK supposed to wear-Morris Dancing outfits?  I hope my London 2012 t-shirt is good enough.

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  1. How about a kilt? Probably not the most comfortable (or gender appropriate) outfit, but definitely distinctive. So what if you’re not Scottish. We in the Mellon got a big laugh at some of your cards!


  2. Lindsey didn’t mention my Valentine’s cards to her, which was mean. We saw elephants in Kalaw so I made her a giant elephant card. Lindsey also insists on cards from Nell so for hers I made it on elephant poo paper and made up a suitable poem. I’m not great with glitter or glue but I can pull it out of the bag when needed.


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