Well, thank god THAT is over. And thankfully with a sane result. Every morning I have been waking up hoping to see a conclusion and this morning I got my wish. It is unfathomable to me that it was ever that close and embarrassing that 70 million people voted for the Cheeto-colored idiot. It will be interesting to see what happens between now and January 20th. I am expecting many tantrums and twitter tirades but hopefully after that Trump can just fade away into oblivion.

Coincidentally it is election day here in Myanmar. I don’t really know anything about any of the parties or the consequences of the outcome, but I know it is a big deal. It’s hard to get any information in English about any of this and as guests in this country we need to remain neutral anyway. We will report back next week on how Team Running Chicken fares!

The week before last we had our October break. Two years ago we went to Angkor Wat, last year we were in the world’s tallest treehouse in Laos and this year we sat in our driveway. Exciting times! We were supposed to be in China, which was a rebooking from our cancelled April trip. Hahahahaha how young and hopeful we were that COVID would be resolved by now. That’s OK, we just stocked up for a week at home.

Beer, fries, hotdog buns and coffee. All the finest things in life.

It was a pretty boring week. The only excitement came when we had a small BBQ to celebrate Gav and another friend’s birthday. Last year you may remember that a friend of ours organized a scavenger hunt around Yangon for Gav. It included bowling at a crazy 70s era bowling alley, elephant feeding at the zoo and a river cruise. We decided to recreate that 2020 style (ie do a crappy locked down version of all those activities). We had a plastic bowling set, sketched views of the river that we put up outside, and the pièce de résistance-a fake elephant!

Liz also made one of her famous cakes-a true masterpiece even though she was mad about it and said it wasn’t very good. It was amazing.

Gav also got the idea in his head that we wanted to make Eggs Benedict one morning, so he got to work making hollandaise (or as he called it Gavandaise) sauce. This meant that every dish in the kitchen was used at once time, but the results were very yummy.

He was very proud

Poor guy then had his lockdown birthday, which meant he couldn’t go out to his favourite restaurant for cocktails, but I did order some in. Next year is a big one, so hopefully we will be able to do something a little more grand than feeding a paper elephant, fingers crossed!

Happy birthday Gav!

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  1. WHEW is right! What a freakin’ relief. I feel like a ton of weights have been lifted off my chest.

    Happy birthday to Gav! I’m impressed by the effort you put into creating that fake elephant. LOL

    And yes, let’s hope that a year from now we’re out from under this viral plague. I am SO ready to travel again.


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