The Last Gasp

Well, here we are.  Less than 24 hours to go.  This past week has been a whirlwind of errands, packing, cleaning, going to the tip, final goodbyes, going to the tip, silently and not-so-silently freaking out, and going to the tip.  Today we had so much stuff in the car for our final dump run that I had to hold a decrepit bird table on my lap, getting splinters in my thighs and sweating profusely because it was blocking the air vents and it’s about 90 degrees in London right now.

Nell went off this morning to the kennel where she will wait for her flight.  She had a nice final walk on the Heath yesterday and didn’t seem too surprised when she got put in a van with a stranger.  I think she might be relieved that finally something is happening to explain all the upheaval in the past few months.  Hopefully she won’t be too worse for wear when we are reunited, hopefully next Friday.

It’s been very weird and emotional to experience all of these final “things” about our life in London (this time around).  We love it here and will miss our lives and the people we love tremendously.  It’s very different than when I left Paraguay to come to London, when I don’t remember being sad at all really!

So, we have checked in for our flight, scrubbed the floors and just 20 minutes ago  (nothing like cutting it fine) finally sold our Volvo (named George Foreman, we loved that car).  Nothing left but to enjoy a last night in our garden and dream about what our life will look like next Friday night!

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