Being a tourist in Bangkok

The first stop in our adventure is three days in Bangkok while the company sorts out our Visas for Myanmar.  We arrived in Bangkok on Sunday 5th August after a night flight from London.  That day was mainly recovering from the flight and battling the jet lag but we did get out and find a local place for lunch.

What hits you immediately is the humidity which is pretty shocking but bearable as long as it’s overcast.  However, if the sun comes out the effective temperature soars and it becomes quite uncomfortable.

In the evening we met up with our new colleagues who are joining at the same time.  We ate in one of the hotel restaurants which was alongside an infinity pool on the 14th floor which had pretty nice views of the city.

The next morning after off and on sleep we had a day of sight seeing when we went to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) and Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) Temples.  The first complex was built in 1782 and is dripping with gold everywhere you look.  We were particularly impressed with the wall murials and loved the dog statues (as we would).

The next stop was the Reclining Buddha temple which was thankfully much less crowded.  The reclining Buddha itself is huge at 15m tall and 46m long although difficult to photograph.

We were pleased to eat in a Thai Restaurant which we had to navigate our way and which, despite being in the guide book had no other tourists eating there.  The food was great!

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