Nell, the intrepid traveller!

Wow, that was some trip.  So finally, after months of wondering what’s going on some dude in a van finally shows up and I get put in a crate.  No problem.  Let’s get this show on the road whatever it is.  So then I get taken to some place where they keep dogs.  Mainly I have to stay in a cage but they take me for plenty of walks and the food’s not bad.  After a few days of this it’s back in the crate and I’m thinking, great – home time but nooooooooo.  So we go to this place that’s really noisy and I mean noisy and there’s lots of stuff going on all the time.  I get a new crate this time but it’s wooden and quite small and I can’t really stretch out which frankly bugs me.  I then get poked at by a vet.  Normally I don’t mind vets as I always get loads of treats but this one was pretty sullen.  Finally I get carted off to this massive car like thing only it’s got huge metal side bits.  What the hell are they for?  So I get put in this area inside this massive thing and I have to wait around for a while.  Then it gets moving which was nice and I felt like a nap so just as I was starting to snooze when I hear this almighty racket – seriously loud.  Then my stomach sort of turned a bit.  It was pretty loud at first but then I got used to it and went to sleep.  Boy my dreams were crazy!  Not sure how long I was in there but it was a while for sure.  Finally there was this big bump and more noise and more waiting around until the doors opened.  Was I in for a shock.  It was hot but not like normal hot.  It was hot and wet at the same time.  I get taken out and finally get to stretch my legs on a mini-walk before being poked some more by another vet.  What the hell man – still no treats.  Now it’s time for a straight up car ride and another cage with a few other dogs around but they don’t smell like any dogs I’ve ever smelled.  You’re not going to believe this but then I have to get up and do the whole thing again.  Firstly, I’m wondering whether we’re just going back the way we came but this time the journey is a lot shorter, like really short.  More poking by some vet and more waiting around but this time I got some treats at least.  It’s that same kind of weird hot/wet with some weird smells going on.  Another car ride and I’m guessing it’s more cage time but no, finally Daddy shows up and gets me out of the rubbish wooden crate himself just like the hero he is!  But wait – what’s he doing here.  This isn’t home…

Turns out it might be although it’s still pretty sparse.  Mommy showed up later which was a relief and we actually went for our first walk.  Oddly, they have dogs here without collars that just seem to be wondering around in groups.  When you meet some they all go crazy barking but then they seem to give up on it like they can’t be bothered.  There are quite a few dogs behind gates though and they seem kind of mean.  Still life is starting to get back to normal although it’s a new normal with a new routine.  One thing, though is that I ate enough of my crate to get out.  They’ve stopped putting me in there now so I’m free to roam around during the day when they’re out.  Every cloud…

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